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Health coaches play a valuable role in the health and wellness world. We empower our clients to take wellness into their own hands with simple diet and lifestyle shifts. We support clients with primary and secondary food to help them view health holistically.

I do not guarantee any specific results. Our work together is a collaborative effort, and you can only get out as much as you put in.

First and foremost all programs available through The Holistic Hipster require a commitment from you, to yourself. On top of that commitment we will spend 50 minutes together twice a month for the length of your program in order to support you in reaching your goals.

I sure can! Having healthy food available is paramount to creating the lifestyle you’re looking for, and I’ll be happy to help you plan out meals and grocery shop so that you feel confident in your choices on a regular basis.

This can be included as a one-time add-on, or we can come up with a custom on-going plan to help you be successful in meeting your goals.

Yoga improves flexibility, helps relieve stress, improves mental health, increases strength, may reduce inflammation and anxiety and improve quality of life and boost immunity.
Reiki cleanses your body of toxins and supports your immune system, clears your mind and improves focus and helps you sleep better. 

Schedule a call and let’s connect! While my programs are not the right fit for every person I am happy to share resources and direct you to the right place if my programs aren’t as up to the level of support you currently need.

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These programs are not the right fit for you if you’re not ready and willing to show up authentically and do the work to create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

My coaching can only take you so far — you have to be ready to make the changes yourself.

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If you don’t fall into the category of needing health coaching but are drawn to me and my page, I would love to connect!

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