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Find out how Delinda Laginess can work with you to co-create a lifestyle you’re proud of.

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Hi, I'm Delinda

Wife. Mother. Former Career Woman Turned Integrative Health Coach.

I spent my formative years overcoming illness, my career years juggling a full-time job and raising a family, and now I help women like you overcome the biggest obstacles in the way of your health and wellness.

I’m a bad-ass, high-vibe goddess, and I know you are too.

When you work with me we’ll focus on the mind-body connection to co-create a balanced lifestyle that you’re proud of.

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The Holistic Hipster uses integrative practices to help hard working women set healthy boundaries and live a fulfilling life, while holding space for transformation.

Choose a 3- or 6-month integrative and holistic health program to help you:

  • eliminate feelings of overwhelm
  • overcome feeling like you have to “do it all”
  • learn how to meal plan and shop so that you always have healthy food accessible
  • calm your mind and empower your body

Together we’ll take a deep dive into the parts of your life that don’t feel aligned so that you can find your way back to the confident, high-vibing goddess you know is inside of you.

Reach your Goals with my Support

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